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Joint mobility is a fundamental prerequisite for our mobility and quality of life. Healthy joints and cartilage require special nutrients for optimal results and functionality.

Joint-Health contains a special combination of vital substances for your joints, joint lubrication, and cartilage.

With vitamin C for the normal function of cartilage and joints.

Contains glucosamine sulfate, which forms the main component of cartilage and positively influences its metabolic balance.

Contains chondroitin sulfate, which, due to its ability to bind water, positively affects the elasticity of cartilage. It actively works against substances that cause cartilage damage.

With vitamin C for maintaining healthy bones and tissues.

With powder from natural algae (brown algae) and Ayurvedic herbal aroma.

In liquid form for better absorption and bioavailability.

The NTC concept ensures maximum targeted nutrient absorption.

Without emulsifiers.


One serving: Dissolve 3 g of powder (approximately 1 teaspoon) in 100 ml of water.

Recommended daily dose: 1 serving per day.

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Hmotnosť 270g
Zloženie Dextrose, glucosamine sulfate (from crustaceans), chondroitin sulfate, acid (citric acid), natural flavors, vitamin C, sweeteners (steviol glycosides from stevia with natural flavor), algae powder, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate with turmeric extract.

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