The goal of the international event Sky Run - Running in the Clouds, organized in collaboration with RTVS (Radio and Television Slovakia), is to promote running and showcase its extreme form, also known as ultrarunning. It is an endurance running event of 12/24 hours above ground level, a unique event with no competition in the world. What makes it original is the unusual venue - participants of the 12- and 24-hour endurance run will circle around the perimeter of the roof of the building of the public broadcaster Slovak Radio on Mýtnej Street at a height of approximately 40 meters above ground level. No similar event exists in the world so far. Sky Run focuses on promoting endurance running, specifically ultrarunning, but its goal is also to increase the popularity of running among not only endurance athletes but also so-called "hobby runners." The circuit has a total length of 226 meters.

Participants can still register according to the information available at or by phone.

Sky Run - Running in the Clouds is organized by the civic association Xtremerun and Ecofriends o.z. You can find more information about it on the website, where you will also find detailed regulations.